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Economic times are hard and everybody wants to get a good price but if that means a policy doesn’t pay a claim then what’s the point?

Websites can only scratch the surface when it comes to giving life insurance advice and in fact, most life insurance comparison websites sell ‘execution only’ or ‘non-advised’ insurance.

They might have some guides with a few basic pointers but they will never give real advice that reflects an individuals actual needs.

Finding a source of good life insurance advice is not as easy as it could be due to the mass of comparison websites offering cheap and cheerful cover.

To get the best advice it really makes sense to talk to someone qualified which is why our aim is to get you in touch with a qualified, experienced adviser and not just a call centre that takes orders over the phone.

Most mortgage advisers can sell life insurance and other protection policies but not all of them actually recommend it or specialise which means sometimes the advice isn’t always as good as it could be.

Life insurance is important and we buy it to protect our loved ones so it’s really important to get it right.

To make sure our loved ones are fully protected, life insurance is just the start. It’s important to look at the whole picture which means considering all the things that need protecting and what they need protecting from.

Life insurance advice should involve getting the full story and talking about protecting not just the mortgage but also things like:

1/ Extra money for the family – either a lump sum or monthly.
2/ Protection in the event of a serious illness
3/ Income protection – most people only get 6 months sick pay but serious illnesses or injuries can last a lifetime.
4/ Trusts – putting a policy in trust is free and it means it pays out quicker and to the right people.

Good life insurance advice will examine other factors such as the age of children, other debts and savings, employee benefits and try to keep everything within a budget. If a budget is tight then certain types of cover will take priority.

It’s especially important to get advice for life insurance with medical conditions because insurance companies all look at existing ailments differently and a specialist can conduct more research into the options.

Buying insurance online from a website or a company that does not offer advice means that if you get it wrong you have to accept the consequences yourself.

If you get life insurance advice and then buy your cover from an adviser you will have a route to take if you need to complain or if you feel you were mis-sold.

This website does not offer life insurance advice but we know who can and we can help you get in touch with people who care about giving the best advice.

It may cost a little more than going to a price comparison website but that’s because big websites don’t need to do a lot of work to sell a policy. They get thousands of customers so they give away a lot of the commission to be competitive. A life insurance adviser will not be able to be as competitive because they will put more work into making sure the advice is right which means it takes longer and they have less customers so they need to keep more of the commission to survive.

Good life insurance advice is well worth paying a little extra for so you know it will do what it is supposed to.

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