Armed Forces Personnel

Armed forces personnel may be under the impression their life insurance will cost more compared to a 9 – 5 office worker.

This is not necessarily the case.

Another popular misconception is that only specialist insurers can provide life insurance cover for armed forces personnel.

In actual fact, the majority of military personnel could find cover from a mainstream insurer and not have to pay any more for the cover than people in low risk occupations.

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Most military personnel who are not under orders or currently stationed in a high risk location (warzone) could approach any insurer and pay ‘standard rates’ for cover.

Although, depending on where someone is stationed they may still be able to obtain cover at ‘standard rates’.

It is important to be aware that if someone is under orders to go to a particularly hostile location cover may be declined unless it is for a new or recent mortgage.

Life insurance that is put in place when someone is NOT under orders will not be affected when they are, regardless of where they are sent. It therefore makes sense to arrange cover in the early stages of a military career.

Certain occupations within the military such as Jet Pilot or Bomb Disposal may be charged more for cover. This is because specialisms that attract a higher amount of risk could be subject to a ‘loading’.

It is important to seek advice and not to jump to conclusions about certain occupations within the armed forces because the rigorous training undergone by military personnel can actually lower the risks (eg. Submariners not currently under orders would be able to obtain cover at standard rates).


If a ‘loading’ is applied to a military personnel life insurance policy, the MOD will actually REFUND the difference in price compared to ‘standard rates’. You will be able to find out more about this by talking with a specialist.

There are many insurers to choose from and they are all likley to view each case differently from one another. It therefore makes sense to discuss your specific needs and requirements with a qualified adviser who can research the market on your behalf.