Advances in technology have led to pacemakers being developed that are extremely reliable and robust.

As a result of this a number of life insurance companies (but not all of them) are more than happy to consider offering cover on ‘standard rates’ to people who have them fitted which means no price increase.

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The main concern for any insurer will be why the applicant required a pacemaker in the first place. The insurer is likely to request a report from the applicant’s GP to determine any ‘underlying cause’.

An irregular beat that has been corrected with a pacemaker which has been in place for 6 months with no complications should not cause too many problems when applying for cover (if you go to the right insurance company). It is a fairly stable situation which should not affect a person’s life expectancy.

Signs of heart disease, heart enlargement and some abnormalities may lead to a less favourable decision because they are less stable conditions and could get worse.

Any heart condition which requires a defibrillating pacemaker will be considered too severe and life insurance is highly unlikely in this instance.

Other information life insurance companies will take into consideration is how long ago the pacemaker was fitted, how well the person has responded to it since it was fitted and how it affects their day to day living.

Life insurance companies will also always be interested in the lifestyle of the applicant (drinking & smoking habits) and their height & weight and overweight smokers with heart conditions will have a harder time finding cover.

If a doctor’s report is requested by the life insurance company to support an application it will be obtained at the insurers expense. The applicant may also need to attend a medical screening which can be carried out in the comfort of their own home.

Having a pacemaker does not therefore mean life insurance is unobtainable but because insurers view cases differently to one another it makes sense to discuss your case with an experienced adviser who can research the market for you.