High Cholesterol

Certain things can cause problems when looking for life insurance and usually these are things that can have an affect on someone’s life either now or in the future.

Because high cholesterol can cause health problems in later life it is important to understand the risks and consult a doctor if there are any concerns.

High cholesterol (also known as hyperlipidemia) can, if untreated, lead to future health problems such as blocked arteries, heart attacks and strokes which is why it can sometimes affect the price and availability of life insurance.

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Will my application be turned down due to high cholesterol?

Maybe. If the condition has only recently been diagnosed then a life insurance company will want to know it has been brought under control and cover could be refused until it is. The usual response is for cover to be ‘postponed’ until cholesterol levels are within normal ranges. Once this happens the applicant can arrange for their GP to send up to date readings to the insurer.

Some insurers have very intelligent application systems and will ask enough questions about the condition to make a decision. Other insurers may need to see a GP report to get up to date readings.

If a GP report is requested the insurance underwriters will be looking for the LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) & HDL (‘good’ cholesterol) levels and comparing the readings to their guidelines. If the levels are within ‘normal’ ranges then cover should not be affected.

If the readings are outside of normal ranges then, as above-mentioned, cover could be postponed until better control has been achieved.

Fortunately high cholesterol can normally be easily controlled with medication.

Inherited cholesterol problems (familial hypercholesterolaemia) can be viewed as more severe by some insurers but not by others. This can lead to cover being affected if you apply to the wrong company. A specialist can provide advice in this area and research the options before submitting any applications.

If there are other conditions such as being overweight or having another medical condition like diabetes then all of these things, including the cholesterol, will need to be considered together.

If there is any doubt about how high cholesterol may be viewed by a life insurance company and how it could affect the possibility of cover it is a good idea to talk to a specialist broker who can search the market and speak to underwriters for you before you even apply. This saves time and often means the price will be competitive.

We can put you in touch with specialist advisers who have experience helping people with high cholesterol find competitive cover. They will research the whole market without bias to make sure you get the cover you need.