High Blood Pressure – Hypertension

High blood pressure (Hypertension) can sometimes have an affect on the price of life insurance but if the blood pressure is well controlled with medication and there are no other underlying issues (such as being overweight or having heart problems) it may be possible to obtain life insurance at what is known as ‘standard rates’.

‘Standard rates’ are the prices people with no health issues or no hereditary illnesses in their family medical history would expect to pay.

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If the high blood pressure has only been recently diagnosed a life insurance application could be ‘postponed’ for a short while until it is brought under control. Once it can be considered normal some fresh readings can be submitted to the insurer who will review the information.

If blood pressure is still currently high and not very well controlled or there are other factors which, when combined may increase the risk of complications, then life insurance may be ‘rated’ and cost more.

High blood pressure can be due to a number of things such as age, high BMI, excessive alcohol and poor diet.

Normal blood pressure can vary depending on age but typical values can be found >> here <<

Age is not something we can change but losing weight, drinking less and exercising can help prevent further complications.

Fortunately high blood pressure is easily treatable if it is known about and it is very easy to check. It is even possible to buy a blood pressure monitor that can be used at home to detect high blood pressure before it becomes a problem.

Insurance companies assess high blood pressure in slightly different ways and so prices may vary from one insurer to the next and everybody’s circumstances are different so it makes sense to speak to an adviser who can discuss your case directly with insurance underwriters.