Disabled People – Physical Disability

Life insurance is most certainly available for disabled people, however it will depend on the severity of the disability and how the applicants lifestyle has been affected by the disability.

There are many different situations which, can lead to disabilities including illnesses, serious accident or birth defects and these all have varying affects on someone’s overall health and well-being. Complications arising from a disability are looked at closely by insurers to determine the long term risk to health.

Speaking with an independent adviser who can discuss an application with insurance underwriters to find the most lenient and understanding insurer in the market is likely to yield the most positive results.

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More factors to be aware of:

The severity of the disability itself will also play a part in determining the availability and cost of life insurance.

If the reason for a disability is something that also affects major internal organs, in such a way as to increase the risk of complications in later life, it is likely to have an impact on the cost and availability of cover.

If someone is disabled but able to have a reasonably normal and self sufficient life it is entirely possible that they may be able to enjoy life insurance at standard prices.

These are the two extremes but each insurance company will assess an applicant on individual merit and fully examine all the relevant medical information before making a decision.

If life insurance is declined or premiums are increased, the insurance company must show that the disability would directly affect life expectancy.