Equifax Free Credit Reports

Personal Solutions

Equifax is a credit reference agency committed to providing you with access to the information that lenders will see when you apply for credit – instantly and securely. To check your credit report or to learn how to improve your credit rating with lenders, visit the Personal Solutions section of the site today.

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Business Solutions

Choosing Equifax as your credit reference agency provides you with access to the most comprehensive business and consumer databases in the UK. To learn more about what Equifax can do for your company, visit the Business Solutions section of the site today.

Every time you make a loan repayment, a mortgage repayment, credit card or store card repayment, information is added to your personal credit report.

The more responsible you prove yourself to be with credit, the stronger your credit report is likely to be.

If you have never had credit, it is sometimes difficult to apply for credit because you have no history of responsible credit management. If you have experienced a financial crisis in the past and may have missed some payments, this could be harmful to your credit report.

A bad credit report does not necessarily mean you can no longer obtain credit, there are a select number of lenders that will still consider your application.

Some people have great credit reports – a real asset to them - but others do not. Credit reports are not just used to assess your credit risk, but also when you apply for some jobs, or when you seek to rent a property.