Credit Card Calculators – Payment, Overpayment & Balance Transfer

There are a few calculators on this page to help you see how much interest you’re being charged, how you can reduce the total interest by paying a bit extra each month or transferring your balance
and how long it will take to clear the debt.

Credit Card Payment & Overpayment Calculator:

The first 3 boxes will let you calculate how much interest you’ll be charged over the term if you just pay the minimum amount.

The last 2 boxes will show you how much less interest will be charged if you either pay a bit extra each month or if you decide to set up a fixed, regular payment.



Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator:

This is a good little calculator that works out how much you will save in monthly interest and how many months it will take before you start to make a saving (taking into account fees etc.). The results
display in ‘$’ but the figures are the same regardless of currency.



Credit Card Term Calculator:

This calculator simply works out how long it will take to repay your credit card based on the rate of interest and the amount you pay each month.

Try putting in your minimum payment and then see what a difference it can make if you pay more than the minimum each month.



Credit agreements vary, so the calculators can only provide an estimate based on the most common method of charging interest. You may also have to pay annual or other fees.