Bank Accounts

Compare Current Accounts & Savings Accounts

This page deals mainly with current accounts and their features. For other types of account click a link below:

Savings Accounts – saving for a rainy day is the new cool!
Childrens Accounts – build up a helping hand for your children’s future
Business Bank Accounts – access a selection of resources
Basic Bank Account – for people with basic needs or a bad credit history

Bank accounts play an important part in our every day lives. We all want our money to be safe and we all want our money to work for us in the best possible way. Getting the best rates and the best service from a bank or building society are two important factors in the decision making process.

UK bank accounts have evolved in recent years to embrace the advantages of online management putting the account holder in complete control with online security systems constantly developing to make the experience virtually risk free.

Features often include the ability to:
 See multiple account balances in one place
 Transfer money between accounts
 Easily set up or cancel standing orders and direct debits
 Pay bills
 Review your statements

All of which can be done with complete ease at the touch of a few buttons.

See multiple account balances in one place.

If you have more than one account held with the same bank you can easily see all of the balances on one screen so you know what money you have and which account it is in.

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Transfer money between accounts.

Move money in between the accounts you hold with that bank or even transfer money to another account held with a different bank or building society. Simply select the account you want to transfer your money from, then select the destination account and at the touch of a button the transaction is
made. Transferring money to accounts held with the same bank are often instant whereas moving money between different banks can take a few days.

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Easily set up or cancel standing orders and direct debits.

Manage your regular payments like credit cards, car insurance or mobile phone bills. Most online banking systems allow you to input the bank details of the company you wish to pay, how much you wish to pay them and for how long. It’s just as easy to stop any regular payments when you have finished paying for something or have switched supplier.

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Pay Bills.

For one off payments online banking makes it easy to enter the details of the company you wish to pay, which account you wish to pay them from and how much you want to pay them. At the click of a button you can make sure you deal with bills quickly and efficiently.

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Review your statements.

See your statements online in the same format you would see paper copies making them easy to review. Many banks allow you to review up to several months worth of account statements online. Ideal if you wish to trace a payment or find out where your money is going.

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Banks and building societies offer a variety of different accounts. Nearly everyone needs an account to help them manage their day-to-day money. It is possible to manage your money using just cash, but putting your money in a bank account can have several advantages.

Although the terms of accounts differ from bank to bank, there are only two main sorts of bank accounts; the first, a current account, is an account suitable for managing your day to day finances – it may offer a cheque book or a cash-point card. The second is a savings account, which as the name suggests is best for longer term savings.

Most banks or building societies now offer useful web based banking facilities which can provide a much easier way for you to organise and manage your finances.

Many online banks provide a wide variety of services that allow you to manage your money, pay bills, set up direct debits and transfer funds into other accounts.

You can view your statement online and see exactly how your money is being used.