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Compare Life Insurance Online – But Beware of the Pitfalls

Being able to compare life insurance online can be a great labour saving method of getting your protection policies easily and cheaply. However, we have identified a number of potential pitfalls that could lead to someone not having enough cover, the wrong term or even having a claim refused. Going for the cheapest option isn’t always the right choice. In many cases the cheapest life insurance quote may be ‘decreasing’ cover with ‘reviewable’ monthly payments. This means the cover goes down over time and the payments could go up over time so it’s important to check the details and understand
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Large Mortgages and Mortgages from 500,000 to 1 Million and Over

Large mortgages can sometimes pose problems for borrowers but there are options available via specialist brokers that can’t be found on the high street. Many high street mortgage lenders have a maximum loan amount and in many cases this is 500,000 with some slightly more generous lenders limiting their maximum to 1 million. So what can be done if the mortgage is over 1,000,000? Finding lenders that will provide mortgages of 500,000 or above can be tricky but if you know where to look there are offers out there and some pretty good ones too (often better then mainstream residential
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